Sequoia AVC Edge II

A touchscreen direct-recording electronic voting machine that allows all voters to use one machine.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to assemble on a tabletop or as a stand with its integrated legs
  • Optional ADA-compliant configuration offers accessibility to voters with physical, vision and literacy challenges
  • Intuitive technology prevents one voter from voting multiple times and also eliminates the risk of overvoting
  • Generous 15-inch LCD touchscreen with legible font displays the ballot and allows voters to make selections
  • Dynamic interface for testing, maintenance, and opening and closing the polls
  • LCD screen with ample characters displays diagnostic and error messages
  • Programmable read-only memory devices store permanent configuration information about the Edge unit as well as ballot counters
  • Complete audit trail that’s stored in the internal memory includes ballot images, ballot summaries and event log and is unable to be disabled.

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