ImageCast® X (ICX)

A tablet-based solution that combines the flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity of modern technology, with an underlying platform of security and performance.

Advantages of the ICX | VVPAT:

  • A direct record electronic (DRE) tabulator that is paired with a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT).
  • Every electronic record stored on the ICX memory devices has a corresponding paper record copy in the form of a VVPAT receipt.
  • The ICX is the only system on the market that enables audio playback of the VVPAT record.

Additional Benefits:

  • System allows a paper audit trail for end-to-end transparency.
  • Easy-to-use compact thermal printer allows voters to review, accept or reject their paper record.
  • The VVPAT viewing screen turns opaque between voter sessions, saving paper and maintaining privacy.
  • One machine for all voters.
  • Engineered simplicity, start to finish.


Advantages of the ICX | BMD:

The ImageCast® X can be configured as a Ballot Marking Device (BMD), which is paired with a commercially available, compact laser printer that prints a summary of the voters selections.

  • Familiar printing technology for both poll workers and voters.
  • Simple process for poll worker to reload paper.
  • BMD printer uses standard 8.5” x 11” non-proprietary paper. Unused paper can be saved for later election events.
  • Paper ballots can be scanned on any ImageCast® tabulator in the voting location or central office.

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