ImageCast® Evolution (ICE)

The first ALL-IN-ONE optical scan tabulator and ballot marking device. Integrates ballot scanning and accessible ballot marking solutions in one universal integrated device.

Advantages of an ALL-IN-ONE Voting Machine:

  • One vote total
  • One machine to purchase
  • One machine to program
  • One machine to test
  • One machine to support
  • One machine to store and maintain
  • One machine to train election workers
  • One machine for ALL voters!

Additional Benefits:

  • High resolution digital scanning technology
  • Optional Dual Display allows accessible and standard voting to occur simultaneously
  • Engineered simplicity, start to finish

The ImageCast® proprietary technology truly sets this product apart from the competition. Focusing on two key aspects of the electoral process – risk-limiting auditing and voter intent – improving the transparency and integrity of the election process.

AuditMark® technology: Interprets the digital image of the ballot, and appends to the bottom of the image a record of how that ballot was counted on Election Day - why bother purchasing a scanner if it can’t tell you what it read?

Marginal mark detection: Allows voters to clarify their intent when they cast their ballot. Thresholds are configured to jurisdictional requirements

Complete end-to-end system auditability: every action taken on the tabulator and the election management system is recorded in a digital audit log.

  • ImageCast® Evolution (ICE)

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