ImageCast® Central (ICC)

A cost-efficient, high-speed optical scan tabulation system that’s reliable and easily operated and maintained. A simple and powerful solution that meets the demands of elections of any size.

  • Modular, customizable and scalable to any size.
  • Flexible with site layouts when space is at a premium.
  • Highly reliable and portable.
  • Seamless integration with Dominion’s Democracy Suite.

Standard Features

  • State of the art security to satisfy the needs of voters and users
  • EAC 2005 Certified, with enhanced system security
  • Patented AuditMark™ technology makes a digital cast-vote record (CVR) of the voter’s choices.
  • Market leading security with Dominion’s Election Management System (EMS) Will meet the specific needs of your election


A tried and proven tabulator that's designed around the feedback of customers and backed by our dedicated team.

  • Improves maintainability and lowers the cost of ownership
  • Uses compact third party devices to offer higher sustained throughputs in the face of hardware failures and worldwide access to a vast pool of readily available replacement parts and certified technicians
  • AuditMark™ ballot image auditing capability

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