We provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective products, services and support solutions that will always meet or exceed customer expectations.

Electronic Poll Books

As an authorized distributor of KNOWiNK’s Poll Pad, we offer the nation’s leading electronic poll book.

KNOWiNK provides a unique approach and a proven solution rooted in what we have learned from our extensive experience as former election officials and in speaking to election authorities across the country about their specific needs.

Voting Equipment

As an authorized dealer partner of Dominion Voting’s hardware and software products, we offer the most diverse range of technologies in the election industry.

Dominion Voting Systems operates a strong product security program that leverages internal and external security expertise for rigorous development processes that align with – or exceed – industry best practices for security. Every Dominion system is certified by federal and state election authorities for use, and we make continuous improvements to our products throughout their lifecycle.