Electronic Poll Books

As an authorized distributor of KNOWiNK’s Poll Pad, we offer the nation’s leading electronic poll book.

KNOWiNK provides a unique approach and a proven solution rooted in what we have learned from our extensive experience as former election officials and in speaking to election authorities across the country about their specific needs.

Meet the Poll Pad

Poll Pad has replaced the outdated and inefficient paper model that is often the cause of long lines at the polls and inefficient election record keeping.

Any Line, Any Time, Solution

The Poll Pad solution provides a seamless electronic voter check-in and verification process for election authorities across North America. Poll Pad is a secure Apple iPad application requiring no appendages for operation.


Poll Pad Features

    • Process voters in approximately 35 to 40 seconds; mitigate long lines with fast and secure voter look-up.
    • Built-in election management and reporting tools; elections can be finalized and submitted within hours of election close.
    • Efficiencies translate into reduced polling place staffing; jurisdictions can realize Election Day staffing reductions up to 50%.
    • Customizable workflow presents required steps according to each jurisdiction’s requirements and preferences.
    • Improved accuracy and reduced preparation time and storage requirements with the elimination of paper logs.
    • Poll workers or voters cannot leave the application without a password, preventing user error, a line slow-down, or creating a potential security issue.