Ongoing Support

During any stage of the election cycle, you will feel confident that we have your best interests in mind.  We’re available with what you need, when you need it.


    • Election Equipment Maintenance – We stand by our voting equipment and offer hardware assistance whenever needed. Customers may choose a comprehensive annual maintenance agreement that includes equipment warranty and preventative maintenance checks, among many other benefits.
    • Election Supplies – We offer essential election items such as paper rolls or ballot marking devices that can easily be ordered via telephone or our website.
    • Responsive Phone Support – Our experienced, well-trained team of phone support personnel will promptly assist customers with any hardware or software issues. The team upholds the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy.
    • Ongoing Training Classes – We’ll come to you for training opportunities or we welcome you to our training facility anytime. We tailor the training to the audience and include timely topics.
    • Comprehensive Election Guides – In our Customer Section, you’ll find up-to-date election guides that walk you through training, testing and Election Day processes. You’ll also find video of how to set up and test equipment.